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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Rupee112 Launches Green Loans to Promote Sustainable Finance

National, June 26th, 2024 – Rupee112, an RBI-registered lending non-banking financial company has announced the launch of Green Loans, dedicated to facilitating affordable financing for solar and electric vehicle (EV) solutions. This initiative represents a significant stride towards promoting environmental sustainability while enhancing access to vital financial products, perfectly aligning with Rupee112’s growth strategy. With targets to achieve Rs1000 crore in revenue and disburse 3 lakh loans by FY2027, it underscores a robust commitment to economic growth and environmental responsibility.

A leading provider of swift and accessible emergency loans, Rupee112 is dedicated to assisting individuals in urgent financial need. Under Rupee112’s GoGreen initiative, the Green Loans product is designed to empower borrowers to invest in renewable energy sources such as solar power systems and electric vehicles. This initiative not only supports individual customers in adopting eco-friendly technologies but also aligns with the Indian government’s policies and efforts to encourage adoption of EV vehicles and reduce carbon footprints and combat climate change.

Speaking on the announcement, Vikkas Goyal, Founder Rupee112, highlighted the significance of Green Loans: “At Rupee112, we believe in leveraging financial solutions to drive positive environmental impact. Our Green Loans initiative aims to enable individuals across India to embrace sustainable living practices without compromising on financial stability.”

Rupee112 operates within a secure and regulated ecosystem, ensuring compliance and prioritizing inclusivity for all individuals. The platform utilizes advanced data-driven technologies, including AI and machine learning, to streamline the lending process, offering faster and more accessible financial services irrespective of credit scores.

Rupee112 boasts of an in-house tech team dedicated to app development and a proprietary customer management system. Furthermore, the company leverages Multiple Account Aggregators for swift data analysis and CIBIL checks, ensuring efficient and secure loan processing. With the commitment to launching innovative loan programs and products to cater to the evolving customer demand, Rupee112 is developing lending products customized for specific objectives.

Looking ahead, RUPEE112 envisions a future where accessing emergency loans is seamless, efficient, and inclusive. The company strives to be the go-to platform for individuals in need of immediate financial assistance, offering low time-consuming, paperless, no collateral and digital loan processes through a self-service model.

About Rupee112

Rupee112, a Gurgaon-based Fintech start-up, leverages technology to provide instant loans and revolutionize financial accessibility for salaried professionals in India. Founded in 2023, the company has experienced rapid growth with its AI and ML-powered lending approach. Rupee112 prioritizes financial inclusion through low-hassle loans, fast disbursal, and a user-centric mobile app, aiming to become a major player in the Indian FinTech landscape.

For more information, visit: Rupee112.com 

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