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Fashion Meets Sustainability: Talween Saleh’s dhartii Vision

Q1: Talween, what sparked your journey into sustainable fashion and led to the creation of dhartii?

Talween Saleh: It all started on the runway. As a model, I saw firsthand the industry’s dark side: waste, exploitation, and a disregard for the environment. A desire for change, coupled with a belief in the power of conscious consumerism, inspired me to create Dhartii – a platform for ethical and eco-conscious fashion to flourish.

Q2: What are the biggest hurdles facing the sustainable fashion movement today?

TS: The biggest challenge is shifting consumer mindset. There’s still a misconception that sustainable fashion compromises style or is out of reach financially. We’re working to shatter those myths, showcasing the diversity and innovation of sustainable brands.

Q3: What exciting trends are you seeing emerge in the sustainable fashion landscape?

TS: It’s thrilling to witness the rise of circularity. Brands are embracing rental models, upcycling, and recycling programs, extending the life cycle of garments. We’re also seeing incredible innovation in materials, from recycled plastics to plant-based alternatives.

Q4: What sets dhartii apart in the vast world of e-commerce?

TS: At dhartii, we go beyond being a marketplace. We’re a curated community of conscious consumers and innovative designers. Transparency is at our core, allowing customers to connect with the stories behind the brands they support. Our seamless shopping experience makes it easy and enjoyable to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

Q5: What exciting developments can we expect from dhartii in the near future?

TS: At dhartii, we’re committed to curating only the best in sustainable living. We’re expanding beyond clothing to offer a comprehensive sustainable lifestyle experience. Soon, our customers will discover ethically sourced beauty products, home goods, accessories, and footwear, all in one place. Each brand we onboard is meticulously selected to ensure it aligns with our values, providing our community with products they can trust and love. Stay tuned for a richer, more diverse Dhartii experience!

Q6: What advice would you give to someone who wants to make more sustainable fashion choices?

TS: Start small and think big. Invest in quality over quantity, choose timeless pieces, and support brands that prioritize ethical and environmental responsibility. Remember, every conscious choice you make not only elevates your style but also contributes to a healthier planet. The more people buy sustainably, the greater the positive impact on our environment. Every purchase is a step towards a greener future!

Q7: How is dhartii celebrating World Environment Day this year?

TS: This World Environment Day, dhartii is celebrating the amazing sustainable brands on our platform. We’re sharing the inspiring stories behind these brands, showcasing their eco-friendly practices and commitment to ethical fashion. By highlighting these pioneers in sustainability, we aim to inspire our community to make greener choices. Discover how your everyday fashion decisions can positively impact our planet. Join us in celebrating sustainability and the power of conscious consumerism!

Q8: What is your vision for the future of the sustainable fashion industry?

TS: TS: My vision is a fashion industry where sustainability and style go hand in hand, valuing people and the planet as much as profit. I envision a landscape where transparency is the norm, waste is minimized, and creativity thrives within sustainable boundaries. dhartii is at the forefront of this transformation, bridging the gap between fashion and sustainability. We’re excited to inspire change and see a future where eco-conscious choices are celebrated and embraced by all.

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